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I'm Wes, a freelance creative developer based in the Netherlands.

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The things I do

One of the reasons I work as a freelancer is because I like to dabble in different areas of development and enjoy the variety. I enjoy creating modern interactive websites just as much as creating native iOS apps or (physical) installations. And after 15 years of programming I can safely say I'm pretty good at my work.

I have seen and worked with a lot of languages and frameworks for these various projects, and at a certain point it sounds like collecting Pokemon. But for those interested, I feel right at home working in Javascript, NodeJS, C++, Objective-C, Swift, HMTL/CSS, Sass, React to name a few.

But I don't have a favorite language or framework, as I prefer to think of the concept first and have the technology support and improve the concept. Whatever the idea needs, I will find and work with the tech to make it happen in the best way possible. And in my opinion, that's what makes a creative developer.

No parent will ever really dare admit it, but there will always be favorites. And even though I have worked with great pleasure on every single project, I too have favorite projects. Thing is, I'm putting so much love and effort into these projects that I haven't had time to update this site to show them off. Sorry.

But if you're curious and want to see or hear me enthousiastically show and tell about my favorites, shoot me a message!

Why I do what I do

Philosophies and passions

Technology has always fascinated me. Ever since I was a kid I was addicted to anything with buttons. As the years went on - and with the introduction of the internet and Adobe Flash some lightyears ago - my interest shifted somewhat towards not just buttons, but also how the software in technology looked aesthetically and how it was being used.

Although I have an extensive technical background due to studying computer science and programming, graduating at the HKU University of Arts gave me a wide interest in conceptualism, interaction and visual design. A product shouldn't merely function, it should also be fun and intuitive to use. This is when I realized things needed to evolve, and I wanted to be part of this revolution.

Every single detail matters.

In my years of freelancing I have worked on several projects ranging from websites and iOS apps to interactive installations, and doing so I have acquired a rather elaborate skill-set. Lately I have mastered my skills in HTML5/CSS and JavaScript, working extensively with frameworks like JQuery, NodeJS and Backbone. But I also have solid experience developing in ActionScript or creating iOS applications in Objective-C - to name a few.

While my main focus is development, my 'hidden' superpower is being a bridge between concept, design and development. In fact, I think most designers I’ve worked with secretly love me.

As technology keeps evolving, I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the cutting-edge innovations in the interactive field. And I'm looking forward to being part of bringing those innovations to the public.

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