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Some highlighted projects

No parent will ever really admit it, but there will always be favorites. And even though I have worked with great pleasure on every single project, I too have favorite projects that I would like to highlight. If you are hungry for more info on any of these, or other projects, feel free to shoot me a message!



Concept / Interaction Design / Development

"Mijn.E-XPO" takes you on a journey through the fascinating collection of the Dutch National Maritime museum. On a 20m2 touchtable thousands of objects - usually hidden in the archives of the museum - can be used to create one's own 'miniature' museum exposition. After creating an EXPO on the table it will float along the current to the edge of the table and is brought to life on a panoramic 27m2 projection wall, where you can virtually look around in your very own EXPO.

I worked on: ConceptingInteraction DesignDevelopment.

The project was awarded the "Gouden Reiger" award in 2012.

In collaboration with:
Haute Technique


BNN De Social Club

Frontend Development / Interaction Design

In January 2014 the dutch broadcaster BNN-VARA launched a new daily show "The Social Club", in which several young television talents ventured out into the streets to find the trendiest news on social media. By using and opening up their own social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, viewers could interact directly to tell their unique stories or just ask them to hang out. Or what would happen if you had asked your followers for a place to sleep and eat?

"The Social Club" was a fresh concept by young people, for young people. As the viewers and the social media channels were a big part of the show, the corresponding website had to look and feel smooth yet trendy, and show each hosts' social media channels in a responsive way. As mobile devices are the most used devices for using social media, the website had to be completely responsive and function just as smoothly on mobile browsers and tablets as it did on desktops.

I worked on: Frontend DevelopmentInteraction Design.

The project received an "Honorable Mention" from the Awwwards in January 2014.

In collaboration with:

Website / Mobile web-app


Frontend Development / Backend Development / Interaction Design

Developing and maintaining complex networked computer systems and infrastructure isn't easy in any modern high-tech company. One of the key aspects in mastering this art is having "chain awareness': insight in the different interactions between applications and networks.

To achieve a higher level of chain awareness, QLVR Company & Little Chicken Game Company in collaboration with ING have developed a serious game which teaches players IT-chains and chain awareness in a progressively increasing difficulty using scenarios based on actual practical experiences. The players are continuously challenged on their abilities to locate problems, solve them, and theoretical knowledge.

Next to the game itself, the players are also challenged via a mobile web-app with "One Minute Challenges": short challenges and questions focussing on theoretical knowledge. The game itself is embedded in a web portal, containing player information and leaderboards aswell as the possibility to share games with other players and a knowledge base containing case-studies and (mathmatical) theories and explanations.

I worked on the web portal and the mobile web-app doing: Frontend DevelopmentBackend DevelopmentInteraction Design.

The webportal and web-app are developed using a customized stack of NodeJS, MongoDB and Backbone.
Since the project is for internal usage, there is no link available.

In collaboration with:
QLVR Little Chicken Game Company

iOS app

Volkswagen iPad magazine

iOS Development

The moment the iPad was first introduced, Volkswagen jumped on the new and innovative ways of interaction and possibilities the iPad introduced. Next to their printed (promotional) magazines, they wanted to use the new possibilities this powerful mobile device brought with it. So we set out to enrich their regular print content with multimedia like audio and video, and introduce new interactive ways of browsing through photoshoots and articles.

In the course of 2 years I worked on several interactive magazines, feel free to ask for more information in person.

I worked on: iOS Development.

Collaborators on this project are under NDA.
iOS app

Asics X-Mas Selfie

iOS Development

ASICS decided they wanted to celebrate Christmas in a digital way. So together with Natwerk we created a point-and-shoot iPhone photo app in which you could make a selfie which would be morphed in realtime as a Christmas bauble reflection.

Having a cool Christmas selfie was only half the fun though, as you could post your selfie on Facebook and once it reached 25 likes your selfie was printed in a small batch for free as a Christmas card and shipped for pickup at the nearest Front Runner store in your area.

I worked on: iOS Development.

In collaboration with:

Why I love my job

Philosophies and passions

Technology has always fascinated me. Ever since I was a kid I was addicted to anything with buttons. As the years went on - and with the introduction of the internet and Adobe Flash some lightyears ago - my interest shifted somewhat towards not just buttons, but also how the software in technology looked aesthetically and how it was being used.

Although I have an extensive technical background due to studying computer science and programming, graduating at the HKU University of Arts gave me a wide interest in conceptualism, interaction and visual design. A product shouldn't merely function, it should also be fun and intuitive to use. This is when I realized things needed to evolve, and I wanted to be part of this revolution.

Every single detail matters.

In my years of freelancing I have worked on several projects ranging from websites and iOS apps to interactive installations, and doing so I have acquired a rather elaborate skill-set. Lately I have mastered my skills in HTML5/CSS and JavaScript, working extensively with frameworks like JQuery, NodeJS and Backbone. But I also have solid experience developing in ActionScript or creating iOS applications in Objective-C - to name a few.

While my main focus is development, my 'hidden' superpower is being a bridge between concept, design and development. In fact, I think most designers I’ve worked with secretly love me.

As technology keeps evolving, I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the cutting-edge innovations in the interactive field. And I'm looking forward to being part of bringing those innovations to the public.

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